Sathyodhayam Nallathey Nadakum
சத்யோதயம் நல்லதே நடக்கும்
Sathyodhayam Nallathey Nadakum
சத்யோதயம் நல்லதே நடக்கும்
Master Sri Ji
Story of
Master Sri Ji
Master Sri Ji is a modern age Guru aiming to better the lives of people through spirituality. He correlates ancient wisdom with contemporary insight. He makes people understand the science behind spiritualism. He trains youngsters to seize upon a life-changing moment and make it exceptional, in-order to become competent that others would want to emulate. Master Sri Ji brings a message of integrity, gratitude, unity, love and compassion to his followers.

He is known for performing selfless duties for society as an individual without any expectations.

From birth, he was gifted with the ability to see events in the future that was the sprout for great Guru. Master Sri Ji believes and personifies nature as God. He is keenly concerned with protecting and conserving Mother Earth and its entities. Mater Sri Ji's teaching enlightens self-realization that helps one to be independent and tranquil. He guides his followers to live a content and peaceful life.

Master in the art of empowering people, he has helped thousands of people realize their true potential.

The main principles of Master Sri Ji are accepting life, living in the present and celebrating it.

He epitomizes the concept of simplicity and austereness in his approach to life, always appealing to people to be philanthropic and empathetic to fellow souls and inspiring people with methods to triumph and succeed.

He helps people change their thought patterns and experience less stress, through spiritual thinking, positive mindset.
Why we started Sathyodhayam
Master Sri Ji strongly believes that one's soul has all the abilities to let them do wonders in this wondrous world.

Sathyodhayam is a device for illuminating one's innate wisdom as every soul deserves their inner divinity to unleash.

The true purpose of Sathyodhayam is to rise up and help flourish the massive truth that is hidden behind the curtains of false illusions.
God has created humankind with all abilities. All it needs is for you to believe in the flow of your inner strength with Dhyanam!

Master's wholehearted Dhyanam sessions have all the stability needed to infuse positive thoughts and actions, meeting both scientific and spiritual areas.
Sri Jivan
Srijivan is a beautiful place built with the vision of Master Sri Ji to create a paradise for people’s positive transformation. It is place where people can find their true purpose in life through various unique sadanas and prayers. Live their lives for themselves and the way they want without any commitment for the period of stay at Srijivan. The ethos of Srijivan is on the principles of selfless service and higher thinking. Master Sri Ji has designed the chakra peda that encompasses astronomical disciplines and spiritual science.
The seven chakras are the main energy centre of the body, when practising meditation on the chakra peda all the chakras are opened due to this energy can run through freely and harmony exist between body, mind and soul. Step in to discover the splendour of a magnificent life.
Many people have found the wisdom of Master Sri Ji to be an inspiration in reviving their own positivity.
I've been practising Master Sri Ji's sessions since 2019. Prana Pranava Dhyanam helped me during the COVID-19 period, even though 23% of my lungs were infected with the virus. Doctors were shocked, but all of the Dhyanam and sessions I've been going to have healed me.
Mr. Mohan Kumar
After I started getting advice from Master Sri Ji, my dull business reached its peak. I started to believe that even if God hadn't planned for you to get something, your guru could make it happen. I think it happens and that it is already happening.
Mr. Senthil Kumar