Sathyodhayam Nallathey Nadakum
சத்யோதயம் நல்லதே நடக்கும்
Sathyodhayam Nallathey Nadakum
சத்யோதயம் நல்லதே நடக்கும்

Thiruthangalum Thirupangalum

Thiruthangalum Thirupangalum_ Clearing obstacles for attaining Moksha

December 25, 2024
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Don't think life as a burdern, Burden of life can be changed into comfort of life if you find your lost inner self

Master Sri Ji

Thiruthangalum Thirupangalum refer to the various physical spaces where individuals can connect with the divine and deepen their spiritual practice by knowing their scope for improvement in order to attain the spaces of enlightenment.

These spaces are considered to be powerful sources of positive energy. Master strongly suggests this as it could help one overcome obstacles, find inner peace, and achieve spiritual growth, clearing the way to the path of moksha.

With regular follow-through on the master's guidance on the effective use of psychosymbology, one can bring magical wonders into their life.

The ritual curated by Master Sri Ji encompasses the art of communication through a customised persona for every soul. 

Considering the Zodiac, the time, and the Nakshatras, it gets differed for each soul, which could result in mind-blowing positive outcomes that bring magical changes in one's life.

The ideal steps to take up the preparation for controlling over the learned attributes...

Join hands with Master Sri Ji to learn the beautiful art of holding back while enjoying your life with the attained health, wealth, and happiness.

Master Sri Ji claims that real growth occurs when one can wholeheartedly live while fully holding back on health, wealth, and happiness by not moving out of one's goals for the desired kind of life.

The importance of patience and a complete understanding of divinity to attain blissfulness in life...

After Thryam and mastering the art of holding back, one would have everything needed for their life. The world of today is so quick! Many people can't handle their stress and pressure, which is why they are not living peacefully.

Master's incredible practices and sessions has all that could assist one to handle lives smoothly. Moving on to the next stage of life may be the crucial stage in which one can establish their betterment by consistently working on positivity.

Thoughts that never hurt themselves and their fellow inmates of the immortal world make every soul a spiritual being...

Neeye Brahmam is the realisation of one's true self. The realisation is necessary because it leads to the ultimate goal of human existence. It also teaches that the self and ultimate reality are never two separate things but rather part of the same circle.

When an individual makes a consistent effort to understand himself, the answers to both internal and external questions may be simple. Thus, true happiness and fulfilment can only be achieved through realising this unity.

Learn to attain three essential attributes that lead to a perfect life with the master's exceptional principles!

The staging up of health, wealth, and prosperity for your life as the three important needs for human survival. A modern human life comprises happiness depending on the health, wealth, and prosperity one attains to grow and glow.

Life flies by, as one runs after these three things that every soul deserves to enjoy. It is entirely dependent on the hope to enter those, while they are the blessings that Master Sri Ji feels he should give it to every soul for them to achieve a better survival through learning the art of enjoying health, wealth, and happiness in life.

Looking for the key to unlocking one's own divinity in order to break down hurdles and open locked doors?

The key to attaining the kind of enlightenment that every soul deserves is already within oneself. All it requires is a level of patience, wholehearted divinity, and the thought of positivity to unlock the doors leading to Brahmam.

Going along with the path of divinity is easy when the doors of Brahmam are opened. Join hands with Master Sri Ji to explore the world of enlightenment.

The practice of bringing wavering minds from the past and future back to the present. It is the lighting up of inspiration, enthusiasm, and awareness.

The right way to be blessed with the light of moksha is to practice Deepa Dhyanam and gain inspiration, enthusiasm, and awareness. Moksha is not what one should strive for! It is given to anyone who has been greatly enlightened by the sound practice of pausing the wavering minds.

Meditation with Guru destroys all cause of sorrow and grief. Without the help of Guru one cannot attain the knowledge of the Self. Here in Sathyodhayam, Master Sri Ji makes people to realise," what true spirituality is" through weekly satsangam. He dispels the ignorance and uplifts the life style of people to lead a happy and disciplined life.

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